Bathtub Gin Navy Strength


Bathtub Gin Navy Strength 57% Vol 70Cl

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This is the Navy-Strength edition of the famous Bathtub Gin from Ableforth’s. As well as boasting a higher ABV than the original Bathtub Gin, this edition also has a bigger botanical punch thanks to the ‘bashing up’ (technical term) of the botanicals to release more flavour. The story goes that the term Navy-Strength was the result of the British Navy demanding gin to be bottled at 57% abv so that if it was accidentally splashed on gunpowder, the powder would still ignite. It was more likely that it was a weight-saving measure but that’s not as fun now is it? As well as being named Best Compound Gin three years in a row at the World Gin Awards, Bathtub Gin – Navy-Strength was awarded the IWSC Trophy for Contemporary Gin in 2017!

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