Chateau Du Breuil Reserve Des Etoiles Calvados 41% 70cl

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A high quality, well aged Calvados from Château du Breuil, produced in a traditional Normandy castle.

Réserve des Étoiles roughly translates as “reserve of the stars”, an illustration of the high ambitions that Breuil have for this spirit.

The bottling is produced with a blend of apple distillate, the youngest of which is 15 years, and the oldest of which has been matured for 30 years.

The final result is a well balanced and delicious Calvados, which demonstrates exceptional complexity. The bottling offers up notes of silky milk chocolate, caramelised apples, pastry, cinnamon spice, apple peel, old oak, leather, prunes, figs, honeysuckle toffee and burnt brown sugar.

A supple and velvety as it gets. This is one of the best offerings from this storied distillery.

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