Doorly’S Xo Rare Old Rum


Doorly’S Xo Rare Old Rum 40% Vol 70Cl

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The delicious Doorly’s rum range is produced in at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, and each one features parrots on the label, which is wonderful. While this expression may be a white rum, it was actually aged for three years! After maturation, it spirit was filtered, removing the colour from the liquid, but not the flavour profile. This makes it an excellent tool for bartenders, as it will impart the rich flavours of aged rum without impacting a drink’s hue. Handy.
Nose: Fruity and aromatic with pineapple and other tropical fruit notes.
Palate: Fresh and fruity with notes of coconut.
Finish: Swift and clean.
Overall: A well-constructed white rum for cocktails.

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