Jean Fillioux Reserve Familiale Cognac 40% 70cl

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Created from a private family reserve, the Jean Fillioux Réserve Familiale Cognac is a pure XO Grande Champagne blend, aged for a minimum of six years. Conal R. Gregory declared it “an exceptional Cognac” in The Cognac Companion, and deservedly so.

Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the House of Filioux is now run by his great-grandson Pascal. The famous Domaine de La Pouyade – their 63-acre family vineyards – lie in the ‘golden triangle’ of Grande Champagne, between the Angeac-Champagne, Juillac-le-Coq and Verrières communes. For five generations the family have been tending to the soil here, growing Ugni Blanc grapes which produce wines that are low in alcohol and tannins, but high in acidity – the perfect combination for distilling flavorful eaux-de-vie. The micro terroir of the golden triangle has for a long time been regarded to produce the finest parcels of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, but only with the aid of extended aging to reach their full potential. This is how Jean Fillioux Réserve Familiale Cognac typifies the very best Cognac has to offer: exceptional terroir combined with good age. It doesn’t get better than that.

Fillioux Cognac is famous for being an intimate, small-scale family production – and indeed, Pascal Fillioux oversees everything from the soil and the grapevines to the distillation and bottling. Carrying on skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, his estate belongs to a select group of family-owned Cognac producers that have maintained an appreciation for quality and centuries-old traditions. Thanks to Pascal’s dedication and unwavering loyalty, the House of Fillioux continue to create true masterpieces of Cognac to this day.

Presentation of the Bottle
The tall, elegant bottle features a thin neck with silver foiling and a deep punt. This stunning XO release is presented in a blue satin-touch box, featuring a quilted texture and gold lettering.

How to Enjoy
The complex tasting notes of this Jean Fillioux XO Cognac are best showcased in a tulip glass, allowing the Cognac to breathe and concentrate the delicate aromas before you take a sip. For an indulgent experience, pair with a fine cigar.

Tasting Note
Eye: Antique gold.

Nose: Lively in spite of its old age. Creamy and appetizing, offering some notes of dried and jammy fruit, with a solid foundation of rancio, leather and cigar boxes.

Palate: Full-bodied, bursting with toasted chocolate, liquorice and toffee. The finish seems neverending, gently rounded with Christmas spices and a drizzle of honey.

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