Suntory Hibiki Japenese Blended Whisky 12Yo 43% Vol 70cl

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An exquisite 12 year old blended Japanese whisky. Hibiki includes malt whisky from Yamazaki and Hakushu, as well as grain whisky from Chita. The whisky is partly matured in plum liqueur barrels. Sadly, following the massive surge in popularity of Japanese whisky in the 2010s, this expression was discontinued by Suntory in 2015. Bottles have now become rare and collectible.

Tasting Note
Nose: Juicy marmalade with real chunks of orange, cooked apples dusted with cinnamon, thick honey and plum wine.

Palate: Crushed almonds, stewed fruits, clove-studded oranges. Sherried malt and a subtle core of oak.

Finish: Bright and flavoursome with crisp apple and citrus.

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